I'm a lot of things, except a selfish bitch, so these are my favorite sites for get cool stuff. Everything comes from any of these sites (except my own materials) Use it wisely.


  • Favicon.io: ¬°VERY USEFUL! The site generates favicons for your site completly free and are compatible in all navigation motors.

  • RealWorld Graphics:Web and application graphic resources. You can download icons, cursors and create your own stuff. Navigate and found unique creations for your site, all in old web style.

  • GIFcities: Old gif media... thats it. Found and download interesting stuff for put in your site. It's like a bar of glossy decorative stick

  • Rawpixel: Free textures and stock images!

  • CatBox:Storage any type of file here and get links. It was my life savior
  • CatBoxThis site with every tipe of code save my ass
  • Web badgesLots of cute web badges