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x YOU MUST BE 18+!!!


Watch out! this gallery must contain:

  • Many adult themes (drugs, violence, abuse...boobs are the last thing to worry).
  • Explicit suicide topics.
  • Explicit nudity and sexual contents.
  • Gore... yeah blood
  • And sometimes my cruelty humor sense

Even if you are legally an adult please don't force you and be considerate with your tolerance levels for these topics. Stay away if they make you feel uncomfortable for the sake of your mental health.

Also i don't endorse these behaviors. Everything is illustrated from an artistic perspective. If you are an edgylord who wants to use my art for disturb other people or satisfy your twisted ideas. Please go away, it's not your place.

And don't worry, i'm in a better place now. These were feelings that once existed in me and i use my art skills as a catalyst to heal them. See it at your own risk and don't judge or hate me for doing it